Join Us For Our Festival of May Celebration, Friday, May 4th, 5:30 pm - 8 pm

Mangrove School of Sarasota will once again celebrate the tradition of May Day, this time with a Florida twist!

In ancient traditions, the lovely festival of May Day marks what is considered the first day of summer in Celtic lands.  For many years, we have upheld this tradition, gathering in an open field to dance the Maypole in the mid-day sun, as it is done up North.  A few years ago, we adapted this sweet festival for our own climate and culture, by celebrating the coming of summer with a beach evening, and dancing the maypole at sunset.

Join us at the beach at sunset as we welcome in Florida summer, longer days and relaxed routines.

We will have our Maypole with flowers on the top and ribbons hanging from it to weave in and out with skipping songs and dances. We will  all join hands and hearts around the Maypole to festive live music and rejoice in the coming of  summer, with many relaxing, breezy evenings at the beach.

Families are invited to  enjoy the lovely dancing, singing, and live music that are woven throughout the festivities!

We Invite You To Join Us For:

Live music, and maypole dancing.

What To Bring:

Blanket and/or chairs, and a picnic dinner for your own picnic. Flowers, if you would like to make a floral wreath. We will have vines and other supplies on hand, if you need.

What To Wear:

White, or light colors

What to Expect:

Fun for adults and kids of all ages!

What Location:

Siesta Key Main Beach, near the yellow lifeguard stand

What Time:

5:30 -8:00 pm

This is a FREE event, our gift to the Sarasota community.

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