Community Lunch

Founded by a school parent, our lunch program is a gift from the parents, students and teachers of our community to each other. Parent, student, and community volunteers create an organic lunch every other Thursday, often using produce from our own organic garden.  We also incorporate organic produce from local farms as much as possible.

Many children participate by gathering and washing the produce, managing the compost, clearing dishes, and cleaning the tables.

The menu changes each week, and often give children a chance to try new foods.  The hearty meals that are served are also gluten free and vegan friendly.

The luncheon is held outside near our garden, with nicely dressed tables, in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, with parents or even extended family often attending.

This program is true community at work, with everyone taking a turn contributing to all aspects of the event – from preparation to serving, to clean up, and is an admirable example of service for our students, no matter what their age!


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