Parent Partnership

One of the things that truly sets our school apart is our community.  Parents are truly valued members of our community and  are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of their child’s education here at the Mangrove School of  Sarasota.  Several of our teachers actually started out here as parents!  Being an active member of the Parent Partnership is a wonderful way to challenge oneself in the transforming work of service to others.

The Parent Partnership’s mission to provide a place for parents’ voices within the school community as well as help hold the school by supporting all aspects of its work.   The Partnership welcomes new families and continue to work on inclusion of our parent community throughout our journey together.

Our Parent Partnership is designed to foster the well-being of the school community by facilitating communication and inspiring parent participation in school life. Parent commitment and contributions are essential to the success of our school, and your involvement is warmly embraced and appreciated. Our entire community benefits from the gifts of each school family. Through our Parent Partnership, mothers, fathers, grandparents and other relatives can offer their talents and love for our school through various volunteer opportunities. Parent Partnership activities include community building events and gatherings, adult enrichment, and faculty support. Examples include our Community Lunch, Festivals, and chaperoning field trips, to name a few. All parents of children currently enrolled at the Mangrove School of Sarasota are considered members of the Parent Partnership. In addition, any relatives of students or community members with an appreciation for alternative education are welcome to join as well. Parent Partnership events are held a few times per year and are a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents, be involved in your child’s education and learn more about how you can help the Mangrove School of Sarasota to grow and thrive.

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