Curriculum Overview

From Early Childhood through Grades, at our school you will find developmentally appropriate programming for each stage of childhood.

In our Early Childhood you will find a predictable, rhythmical schedule that brings comfort to young children and allows for easy transitions.

Each day, the children explore and engage in a sensory rich, home-like environment, filled with natural materials, designed to provide a feeling of warmth, while also intentionally avoiding over stimulation.

Teachers provide creative, hands-on experiences for the children, while many opportunities for imaginative play, outdoor exploration, and movement allow the child to develop a sense of social and physical proficiency essential for healthy learning throughout their lives.

In our Early Childhood, children are able to obtain a vital foundation for academic learning:

Healthy physical development through play, movement opportunities, and special projects that emphasize development of gross and fine motor skills as well as the integration of the sensory system (balance, movement, touch).

An enhanced language experience through stories, songs and verses that supports the development of self-regulation, comprehension and visual imagery skills necessary for reading and abstract thought.

The ripening of imaginative capacities through play with open ended, natural materials empowering the children to transform their surroundings, either in collaboration with others, or as individuals.

Through play, children practice creative and flexible thinking, and it naturally encourages cooperation and social engagement.

As children continue in the Grades, we continue to involve the students in a process of learning that engages their whole being – head, heart, and hands.

Standard academic subjects are enlivened in a unique, artistic way through many mediums including music, movement, drama and art.

Subjects such as math, history, botany, zoology, physics, and others are taught in an immersive way, highlighting the connections to the larger picture of the universe, and presented to the students with the intention of lifelong learning, not rote memorization.

Hands on experiences whenever possible, the creation of their own text books, and the connections to their own lives and interests help facilitate an engaged learning experience for the students.

In addition to all of the fundamentals of a classical education, Grades students learn specialty subjects such as handwork, woodworking, gardening, drama, art, foreign language, music and movement, while also spending plenty of time in nature.

This variety of subjects helps to develop confident, capable human beings, as they have attempted and, through diligence and persistence, succeeded at many endeavors.

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