Scholarships for K-12 Private School Now Available For Low And Middle Income Families!

Did you know there is now an income based scholarship for low AND middle income Florida families?

Now in its 15th year, Florida Tax Credit Scholarships are now being made available to middle income families for the first time!

The current award amount for a full scholarship  for 2016-17 is $5886.

This amount is awarded to students with household incomes not exceeding 185% of the poverty level.  Beginning this year, partial scholarships, from 88% to 50% of the total full award amount, will be provided to students whose household income is too high to qualify for the full scholarship.

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The partial scholarships will be available for students with household incomes up to $62,010 for a household of four, with the amount of scholarship reduced in proportion with increase of income.

The 2016-17 school year application are now available.

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Families are encouraged to apply as soon as applications become available.  Students with household incomes not exceeding 185% of poverty will still receive full scholarships and will receive first priority.

Our school offers an affordable tuition program, in addition to accepting the Tax Credit Scholarship, McKay, and PLSA scholarships.  We have also initiated a Tuition Service Credit Program for those who do not qualify for the aforementioned scholarships, but desire a progressive private education for their child.  TSC applications are processed through after the student has applied and been accepted to our school.

It is our ultimate goal to have this form of education available to all who seek it for their child.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 941.927.3711

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