Thank YOU! Mermaid Faire 2018!

We are so grateful for the incredible support for our 2018 Mermaid Faire!

Thank you to sponsors – Veronica Fish and Oyster, Michelle Roy, LMT, and The Carroll-Pappanastos Family!

Thank you to donors 221 BC Kombucha, India Artisans and School Grandma Marion Scott!

Thank you to our vendors and friends – Longboat Key Turtle Watch, Circusoul Yoga, Soul to Soul Yoga, Lunavim, BeautyCounter by Kayla,, Yvi B Jones, Color Street, and Lindsay Tuttle.

Watching our community come together to create this incredible, unique event, was so heartening!  Each family contributing what they could, their talents to a particular area, this is an engaged community!

Thank you so much to:

  • Anya Adams, for creating and managing the Treasure Hunt, to Stephanie Lallo, Annie Magnat, and Jessica Kramer, and Kalin Wilson for covering the activity!
  • Angelo Chiroli, for extensive set up help and loaning us additional tents!
  • Lisiane Jimenez, for managing the Mermaid Slime Booth!
  • Suzanne McMillan, for managing the Candle Dipping!
  • Keshara Alleyne, Tibisay Barrios, Shivani Lash, Jon Stevens, and Rita Radni for creating our Mermaid Cove
  • Liz Pascoe-Broome – for her expert assitance to the 5/6th grade in their Journey to Atlantis installation!
  • Laura Barrett, Birte Hoag and Kalin Wilson for their stupendous puppet story!
  • Alison Goldy for creating “Neptune’s Challenge”, Jessica Bromby for set up!
  • Sarah Holton, Dee Gangi and Yolanda Benoit for signage!
  • Yolanda Benoit and Dee Gangi for treats and decor outside!
  • The amazing Jean Kowacki for the best faire food ever!
  • Ernest Pappanastos for an incredible greeting sign!!!
  • Chris Maute for crafting treasures so equisitely!
  • Geoff Pierce and Ivan Miller for light set up
  • Jessica Rood, Rekha Chiroli and Michelle Carroll for promotion!
  • Michelle Carroll, Heather Green and the Mermaids for taking pictures!
  • Jean Kowacki, Jacques Kowacki, Rebecca Rothstein, Dee Gangi, Yolanda Benoit, Shane Ainsworth, and Judith Lescano, for food service!
  • Akio Otomo, for managing parking the whole faire!
  • Michelle Roy, Rekha Chiroli, Ernest Pappanastos, Natalie Maute and Brian Reichenbach for ticket taking and assisting with our indoor events.
  • Michelle Carroll, Tibisay Barrios, Sheri Hartnell, Darcy Nelson, and Jennifer Suter for food donations!
  • Our floaters, Jon Stevens, Jessica Bromby, Birdman, Eric Rodriguez, Adrienne Adiobun, and Judith Lescano. So helpful!
  • Sarah Holton, Rekha Chiroli, Natalie and Chris Maute, Tracey and Kurt Swenson, Shivani Lash, Keshara Alleyne, Tibisay Barios, Liz Pascoe-Broom, Heather Green, Chuck Green, Saltmeadow School, Our 5th/6th grade, Eric and Aneta Lundquist, Yolanda Benoit, Jasen Benoit, Michelle Caroll, Ernie Pappanastos, Jennifer and Brian Suter, Rebecca Rothstein, Jean Kowacki, Jacques Kowacki, Dee Gangi, Darcy Nelson, Ian Nelson,  Laura Barrett, Birte Hoag, for your extensive help with clean up!  For the first time ever the Faire was completely undone just hours after the Faire.  Our endless gratitude for this!!!
  • To Elena’s grandma for delighting children of all ages with her bubbles, to Ms Lisa for bringing an island feel with her relaxing tunes, and to our storyteller extraordinaire, Mermaid Marivi!
  • To our 3/4th grade for their efforts in slime making preparations and execution during the Faire – lead by Mr Jon.
  • To our 5/6th grade class, who were inspired to create and execute their own event – The Journey to Atlantis.  Engaged children worked for weeks to bring this vision to life, and were thrilled to see the reactions of their audiences.  They fulfilled their commitment with persistence, poise and joy!  To our actors and actresses, Gears, Bookworm, Galaxy, Mountain Rose,  Tea Tree, The Animal Whisperer, The Mooshie, Shadow, Parkour Master, Erika, Moonshine, Hibiscus, Destiny, and Sapphire, we are in awe! Thank you also to the families of the 5/6th grade for your support!
  • Last but certainly not least – our enchanting mermaids, who brought such joy to our children, and tears to the eyes of adults.  Through you, we could all witness (and remember) the wonder of childhood. Thank you for allowing us to still believe in magic!

This event was community at its best – each person inspired to contribute their gifts and work towards the good of the whole.  Thank YOU for showing up, invested and engaged, and bringing this lovely event to the Sarasota area.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

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