We Welcome You To Our Mermaid Faire, Saturday, January 27th, 2 pm - 6 pm

Please join us in celebrating the magic and wonder of childhood at our annual Mermaid Faire. Enjoy an enchanting day for the whole family, with activities and entertainment for all to enjoy! Admission is free! Many free activities, too!

Delicious Faire Food + Live music too!

A variety of organic selections – including gluten free and vegan options.

Journey to Atlantis is a test for the curious, courageous and clever, as families travel through the labyrinth full of surprises and riddles. Younger children requires a parent escort. Maximum of three in a party. In our Nursery classroom. 4 tickets

Mermaid Slime – Make your own sparkling slime to take home and enjoy – 4 tickets

Neptune’s Challenge – Are you up to the task? Various creative tests encourage curiousity about our underwater world. Located near our garden. FREE!

Magical Puppet Story – A captivating tale enjoyable for all ages – located in our kindergarten. $5 per family.

Pirates Treasure – Dig for the treasures pirates past have left behind – Located in our play yard – 2 tickets.

Ship’s Light Candle Room (Create a beeswax lantern while listening to delightful music in an endearing space.) Located just beyond the courtyard. 5 tickets.

Mermaid’s Cove – Children will travel through an entrancing cave to reach the Mermaid’s grotto, where they will receive a handmade gift. Located in the 1/2nd grade classrooms. 4 tickets.

Painted Sea Horse: Transform yourself with an artist’s touch and a bit of sparkle. Henna or traditional face paint designs. 5 tickets.

Tickets are $1 each or less depending on how many you buy. All proceeds are a tax deductible donation, and support Mangrove’s mission to nurture children through nature!

Vendors welcome, please email mangrovesarasota@gmail.com for details. Compatible 501 c 3 organizations are free, email to register

Please email mangrovesarasota@gmail.com if you are interested in being a Mermaid Faire sponsor!

Please join us for this family event, where children and adults alike can make beautiful, meaningful memories, and handmade items to gift or enjoy themselves, in a sensory friendly environment.

We hope to see you there!

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