Enrollment for Homeschoolers

Homeschool Enrichment Options:

This program is designed to enrich your current homeschooling curriculum by inviting students to join our school one or more days per week.

For one day per week, students Grades 1-5 participate in a stand alone homeschool enrichment program infused with nature and art.

For 2 or more days per week, they are invited to attend the full time class for part of each week; the days offered vary by grade:

Meadowlark Nursery:3-4 days per week (currently waitlisted)

Plover Preschool: 2 days per week, Thursday and Friday

Owlets Mixed Age Kindergarten: 3-4 days per week

Bluebird Kindergarten: 4 days per week, based on availability

Grades 1-3 4 days per week, Monday-Thursday; Forest Friday if available

Grades 4-5 Not available

Grades 6-8 3 days per week (Typically Wed-Fri) If one day per week, Forest Friday only.

The specialty classes currently offered vary by grade and this year include: Ukulele, Drama, Gardening,  Art, Origami, and Handwork (knitting, crochet, cross stitch, sewing, etc). Academic subjects are interdisciplinary and include hands on experience, art, music and movement to deepen the learning experience of the  student. Please see programs for an idea of subjects explored by grade.

Home School Enrichment is offered on an annual basis. Parents and teachers discuss the needs of the family as well as the class prior to enrollment.  Enrollment is subject to space availability, and tuition is prorated based on time of enrollment.

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