Giving Challenge 2020

What a tremendous display of generosity of the past 24 hours! Thanks to the Community Foundation of Sarasota for hosting and facilitating, and to The Patterson Foundation for MATCHING all donations, $25-$100!

The outcome? Over $18 million raised, by 58,947 people, for 687 non-profit organizations in the Sarasota area! In 24 hours!

This year, as we face unprecedented circumstances, with many businesses temporarily closed to the public, these funds mean more than ever. It means these organizations can continue to operate, people can keep their jobs, and the most vulnerable in our society have the services they need.

These acts of kindness also give people hope. Hope that they will rise again and be able to provide for the community now and in the future. We would like to thank not only our donors but ALL donors; you are the proof that together we can all grow and thrive!

To our supporters we would like to offer a deep, heartfelt thank you! We are small and creating a very different kind of education; your donation directly supports our mission of nurturing children through nature, service, and meaningful curriculum. Through this mission, our students become connected to themselves, each other, and their community. They learn who they are and gain a deep appreciation for their own unique gifts and contributions. To us, this is essential. If our students have love for themselves and security in who they are, they can face any obstacles in the future. Thanks to you, we can continue to support our teachers, families and community.

With love and gratitude,


Thank you!!!

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