Plover Preschool

Plover preschool is a two-day program for those age four by September 1st

At this age, the child is acting out of imitation; thus they experience a wide range of activities, including handwork, beeswax modeling, coloring, domestic work, watercolor painting, storytelling, puppetry, plant dyeing, woodworking, gardening, singing & creative movement, nature observation, and more, naturally, as they see their teachers engaging in various meaningful activities.

To enhance listening skills, simple songs and games are shared.

Stories shared help the children to develop the ability to create mental images based on what they are hearing, which lays the groundwork for reading comprehension later on.

All activities are designed to meet the developmental needs of this age group. Most importantly, they are learning how to be within a group – this includes compromise, conflict resolution, negotiation – the skills they will need throughout their lifetime.

Like all of our programs, this class takes place completely outside

The class adopts a daily, weekly and yearly rhythm, which brings the children great comfort – knowing what to expect and anticipate, so each day becomes known by the activity they do and/or the lunch they eat.

The class meets Thursdays and Fridays.

A typical day in the Plover Preschool class includes circle time, project time, snack preparation, shared meal together, free play, clean up time, and storytime or puppet play.

For those staying for Little Siesta Aftercare:

  • 1:00 – 1:15  Bathroom turn
  • 1:15 – 2:15 Rest time
  • 2:15-2:30 Goodbye song/Pick up 


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